You are currently viewing This is a big deal at the Oregon Zoo because two endangered Sumatran tiger cubs were born!

This is a big deal at the Oregon Zoo because two endangered Sumatran tiger cubs were born!

It became more important to protect large cats over the last few years, as many of them were close to going extinct. So, a lot of groups started breeding programs to save these species. Some of them have already worked, like the Wildlife Safari in Oregon.

A statement from the park reads: “We are excited to share the birth of these big cats with our visitors.” The park is known for being the best place to breed cheetahs in the US.

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We’re all very happy that two critically endangered Sumatran tiger cubs have been born at the zoo today! The babies, one male, and one female, were born on July 11th. They were both healthy when they were born. The long-awaited moment for the staff was a little nerve-wracking because the 9-year-old Sumatran tiger, Raya, became a mother for the first time. Finally, she did a great job.

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One of the tigers at the park is 9 years old. “Riya” gave birth to two healthy cubs for the first time. “Sarah Huse, who is in charge of the park’s carnivores,” said KuTV. The cubs were cleaned right away by their mother. Both of them are taking care of each other.

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This is the first time in more than 30 years that a pair of tiger cubs have been born at the Wildlife Safari Oregon. However, the two cubs are the first to be born as part of the Sumatran Tiger Species Survival Program, which started four years ago, so they are `important.

“The Wildlife Safari has not had any born here, and never before as part of Tiger Species Survival.” There are a lot of species like this one that is in danger of extinction. She also hopes that many people will come.

Also, the supervisor said, “The Tiger Species Survival breeding program is desperate to breed new genes and get cubs on the ground.” A lot of other zoos have had to shut down or put restrictions on how many tiger cubs they can have. More than 400 Sumatran tigers are thought to be left in the wild.

Their mother will keep the two cubs for a few more months. When they’re strong enough, they’ll also be shown to everyone else. Some of the zoo’s most important donors will get to choose their names.

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