You are currently viewing This is the bug that looks like a flower. It’s called the Orchid Mantis.

This is the bug that looks like a flower. It’s called the Orchid Mantis.

The world is full of interesting animals that we haven’t even found yet. This extraordinary bug is something you most probably have never come across in your life. The orchid mantis looks like a lovely pink orchid flower. It is a very rare species of bug. This unique bug is native only to Malaysia and can be spotted on different plants in humid and tropical forests.

Don’t be fooled by their looks. Even though they seem pretty and delicate, they are also rather dangerous as well. These bugs use a method of hunting called “aggressive mimicry.” They climb on top of flowering plants to disguise themselves and patiently wait for their prey to come near them. The prey thinks that the orchid mantis is a flower that isn’t dangerous. Then, out of nowhere, the orchid mantis attacks as soon as the prey gets close and takes its eyes off of the ground.

Their appearance, which is similar to a flower, is very useful in hunting and even when hiding from the eyes of predators. Bees and butterflies approach the orchid mantis looking to pollinate. They have no idea that they aren’t sitting on a flower. If you want to hide, the orchid mantis is a great expert at that. They eat small insects that are easy to find because they use their aggressive disguises to get them.

What’s interesting is that these bugs can even go after bigger animals like frogs, mice, and lizards. Though they’re only a few inches tall, their effective hunting strategy is a secret weapon that helps them outsmart their prey. As an adult, the female adult orchid mantis is about 6 cm long. The male, on the other hand, is only about half that long. Even though these creatures are dangerous, they live very short lives. In general, they live for a little less than eight months. They have become a lot of people’s favorite pets because they look so beautiful.

Image Credit & More Info; derangedzookeeper/instagram

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