This is the first time that Majestic Best meets his cub. It looks great.

Lions usually don’t get along well with their newborn babies when they live in a group. The footage we’re about to show you is different, though. This daddy lion can’t wait to meet his baby for the first time. This video was taken at the Denver Zoo and later shared on Facebook, which made people cry all over the world.

Cub: Born on July 31st, he weighed 12 pounds. The staff thought it was time for him to meet his family. The moment the cub and his 2-year-old father met, the internet fell in love with it right away. The Denver Zoo says that the little one will be ready to meet the public soon.

Jake Kubié, the director of communications at the Denver Zoo, said in an interview: “He’s spent the last few months getting to know his mom and dad and half-sister behind the scenes at Predator Ridge at Denver Zoo. He’s going to soon make his big public debut in one of the outdoor habitats.” A lion cub is a lot of fun to play with, curious, and energetic.

Even though the cub hasn’t been named yet, his parents, Neliah and Tobias, are well-known in Denver, where the family lives. The zoo has asked for help from the fans in naming the cub. The choices are Tatu, which means three in Swahili, Meru, the name of a mountain in Tanzania, and Moremi, the name of a game reserve in Botswana. If you want to help the zoo pick names, you can vote for your favorite and donate $1 to the three finalists.


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