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This is the Penguin that swims 8,000 km to see its friend.

This is a cute story about two best friends from the same species. Joey Pereira de Souza was 71 years old when he found an oily penguin dying. He was able to save the Penguin. In his village in Brazil, he found it and took it in. He nursed it back to health. The Penguin was called “Dindim” because it was a little bird.

Dindim lived with Joao for about 11 months until he had a new coat of feathers and looked different. It left as soon as it could swim. The old fisherman thought Dindim would never come back, but the Penguin came back to visit him in June. His friend in Brazil, Dindim, always comes to visit him in June and spends months together. Take a look at the pictures and the video below! You can tell us what you think in the comment box below. BP has more information and a picture.

In their minds, people think Dindim lives on the coasts of Argentina because that’s the only colony they know of. When Dindim comes back, he doesn’t let anyone else touch it. Only his friend Joao can touch, carry, feed, or shower the dog. They are long-term friends with a friendship that melts your heart.

More info & Photo courtesy: BP

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