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This leopard met a Golden Retriever and now they’re best buddies

Cats don’t chase dogs every day. Most of the time, it’s the other way around. There’s a little bigger cat in the video below. That’s because Salati isn’t a normal cat. Instead, he’s a fierce leopard with a unique best friend.

They both love to chase each other and play before snuggling up for a good night’s sleep. Glen Afric Country Lodge is where the two first met. They’ve been together ever since.

Image credits Barcroft Media

Salati was just a cub when he came to the center. Since she lost her mother, the poor thing turned to the most gentle and kind person she could find – a dog. Tommy took the confused orphaned cub under his wing and gave her love and protection right away.

Image credits Barcroft Media

They still play like two little kids, even though the once tiny cub has grown into a large wild cat. There is always another right behind you. He was Salati’s caretaker: Richard Brooker said that. As a group, they have a lot of energy, so they both get the exercise they need. Fun and games: “They love to play with each other.”

Image credits Barcroft Media

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