This office in Japan is designed for employees to be able to nap

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Japan’s office is set up so that workers can take naps.


There are some bad things about Japan, even though it is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. The normal office hours for the average worker are much longer than what they said they would be when they applied for the job. A lot of people have to work late at night and don’t get paid extra or get bonuses. This means they worked all day at their computers and are just now getting home. So, you might ask, what about the way they sleep? Well, to fight the risks that come with not getting enough sleep, an office was made so that workers could get a little more rest every day. This not only makes people work harder, but it also helps them live healthy lives.

Too busy and not getting enough sleep

It is well known that Japan’s business life is very strong. But this comes at the cost of the workers’ valuable sleep hours. A lot of people are working extra hours, which is normal, but they aren’t getting paid extra for it. This means that people drive to work late at night are now the norm. What’s even worse is that this hurts people’s health. The words “inemuri” and “Karoshi” are now commonplace in modern Japan. You can even see them in the titles of the news.

When someone is too tired, a behaviour called “inermuri” happens. That’s when people fall asleep in public places because they are so tired. Everybody has been on a bus or train where the quiet was so relaxing that they fell asleep as soon as they sat down. In Japan, no one bats an eye when they see a businessperson in a suit falling asleep in a coffee shop or on a train while using their suitcase as a pillow. But “Karoshe” is much worse. For people who die from being too busy, this is a Japanese word. They are so worn out that their bodies can’t do anything else.

Nap Boxes

Japan is a modern country where people have to work very long hours. This makes it harder for you to sleep at night, which is bad for your health. It has been said that people take naps whenever they can, away from their desks. Some people sleep in their cars. Others are locking themselves in the bathroom to get some alone time and sleep for a short time.”In Japan, a lot of people will lock themselves in the bathroom for a while to nap, which I don’t think is healthy,” Saeko Blomberg, communications director for furniture maker Itoki, told Bloomberg News.”It’s better to sleep somewhere comfortable.”

It looks like one Japanese company thinks they have the best way to fix all of the world’s issues. They’ve made something they call “nap boxes.” People can take a nap in these small boxes. There are no windows that let light in that could wake you up. Also, this nap box was carefully made to support your head and the rest of your body so you can sit easily while you take a power nap.

Modern Japanese white-collar workers need these styles because they are not only useful, but also stylish. Since they have the shape of a water cooler, they won’t detract from the look of the office.

Image credit: Bloomberg / Itoki Corp.


How Much Sleep You Need

Because of this lack of sleep, health problems are soon to follow. Japan’s businesspeople only sleep 7.3 hours a night on average. But this makes it look like a lot of people sleep a lot less than that. Healthline says that an adult should get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep every night for optimal health. Stress builds up when you don’t get enough sleep, and your immune system gets weaker. It also raises your risk of getting diabetes and heart disease. Finding a good balance between work and rest is still important, but people often forget about their health because their jobs are so stressful.

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