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This owl was saved, After becoming too fat to fly.

When we live in today’s world, it’s getting more challenging to stay in shape for many people. But we can’t say that about wildlife. Or maybe we can’t. Well, a “soggy” bird was rescued after it turned out she was too fat to fly, so she was taken in by people.

When the landowner first saw the owl, it was lying in a ditch. The man thought the bird might be hurt, so he took it to the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary. It turns out that the “little one” was actually a little too big for the sanctuary.

“In most cases, we think the owl is hurt and can’t fly,” the group said in a Facebook post. “Once in a while, getting wet makes them stay on the ground.” When we looked at her, we were shocked to find that she was simply obese.

When these owls usually weighed about 3 ounces, the rescued one weighed almost 9 ounces. Because of the fat deposits around her body, “she could not fly well,” the rescue team said.

This is what Rufus Samkin, the head falconer at the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary, told me. The bird’s area was found was full of mice, so it’s easy to see why the bird started to gain weight.

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