This Pup Wears a Tuxedo to Meet His New Family

We all know that life is full of disappointments. But, do animals have to feel abandoned?

Day 3 of Vicente’s adaptation. His new owners were meant to take him home. But, as humans, the new owners never arrived, leaving Vicente to meet the new family in a tuxedo.

As said by Diana, “We rescued Vicente, his brothers, and his mother in Zipaquirrá, near Bogotá. 3 months old. We have an adoption form, and the guy who wanted to adopt him filled it out and passed all of our tests. He even came to our shelter and chose Vicente from among his siblings. He was supposed to adopt Vicente on the 9th. As usual for adoptions, we bathed him and readied him for his adoption day (with the small smoking jacket, of course), but he never appeared. He then contacted to annul the adoption. “

Vicente was saved by the Rescátame Foundation and is now in a loving home. People from all around the world gave Vicente love and care, and many offered to adopt him.

The shelter made sure Vicente wasn’t forgotten. “His alleged adopter never appeared. When he was ready, he canceled his adoption. Then we are asked why we are so strict with the process! We don’t want any doubts that our furry friends are in good hands for the remainder of their lives. You can’t just get a dog when you want one. Adopting is a lifelong commitment.

Vicente could return to the shelter after finding a better home. So they made an official announcement about Vicente. “We never expected your tale to go so far. Vicente has already been adopted by a lovely family. Over 40 adorable pals are still seeking a home. You can contact us through our intern, who will send us their adoption documents.

Image credits: FundacionRescatameCO

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