Tina Turner’s late husband gave her one of his kidneys so she could live longer.

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You are currently viewing Tina Turner’s late husband gave her one of his kidneys so she could live longer.

Tina Turner, a famous singer, died at the age of 83 after a long illness. She had high blood pressure, which made her kidneys work less well. Her husband didn’t pause for a second and was willing to do anything to save Tina’s life. When fans learn how hard Erwin Bach fought for the life of his beloved Tina, they are often speechless.

Tina knew about her illness, but she just stopped caring about it at some point.

Tina Turner was first told she had high blood pressure in 1978, but she later said she “didn’t care much about it.” Years went by, and in 2009, she had a stroke because she didn’t do anything about her high blood pressure. She learned that both of her kidneys only worked 35% as well as they used to.

She once wrote an article for the Show Your Kidneys Love campaign, which raises awareness about kidney disease. There, Tina admitted that she hadn’t known how important it was to treat her high blood pressure for a long time. She also said that she had put herself in “great danger” by not accepting the fact that she would have to take medicine every day for the rest of her life.

At one point, Tina’s husband seemed to be the only thing that could save her.

People often call kidney failure a “silent killer” because you can’t tell you have it until you’ve lost 80 percent of your kidney tissue. Tina said, “I had kidney failure because of high blood pressure, which is one of the most common reasons.”

She started the dialysis process at last. She said, “I had no other choice, but it was sad to be hooked up to a machine for hours. All I did for the next nine months was dialysis. I understood that the fight for healing is always also a fight for the truth.”

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A transplant from a live donor was needed for the surgery. With the help of her husband, Tina chose this path.

“It was lucky for me that Erwin was willing to give me one of his kidneys. It was the first step in a very complicated process called a kidney transplant,” she wrote.

Tina wrote in her 2018 book that Bach “shocked me by saying that he wanted to give me one of his kidneys.” She also said that she was “overwhelmed by the enormity of his offer.” She said that after this, she felt “overwhelmed and relieved that we were still alive.”

Tina Turner’s love story is not the only one in which one partner saved the life of the other. Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye Smith, another well-known couple, had the same thing happen to them. Keely Shaye is known as an amazing woman. Here’s how she saved her husband’s life and proved that her love for him has always been stronger than steel.

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