To help animals in Africa, a young man from Switzerland gave up his job, sold everything, and moved to the country from his home country.

Unfortunately, today, people don’t seem to care about nature. People in the world only care about money, and because of their greed, the planet Earth was destroyed.

Each and every one of us knows about the effects of climate change, but we don’t do anything about it. There is still hope because there are still people who love wild animals so much that they would do anything to protect them. When you look at this young man, you can see what true awareness and involvement are all about.

An animal lover from Zurich named Dean Schneider is 26 years old. From the time he was very young, Dean learned to love and respect the animal world. Two years ago, he made the most important decision of his life because he wanted to find out what he loved and what he was made of. To save wild animals, he decided to give up his high-paying job. He sold everything and moved to South Africa, where he lived for a few years.

As he worked on Hakuna Mipaka, Dean started the project he had always dreamed of – a place where rescued wildlife is looked after. These animals were forced to live in terrible conditions. This place is heaven on Earth for them. The name of the place means “no limits” in the Swahili language, and so do Dean’s plans.

As many people as possible should learn about wildlife and the beauty of the animal kingdom from me. The goal of Dean’s organization is to change people’s minds about animals and save wildlife by spreading messages about how important they are to our planet as well as how we should treat them with respect and love.

As he said, “We only protect what we love.” This kind-hearted man has spent his whole life so far protecting wildlife.

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