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There are both pretty and ugly women in every country, but there are some places where there are more women who are naturally pretty or who like to take care of themselves. In the countries below, you’ll find a lot of natural and “enhanced” beauty that will interest you.
Even though everyone sees beauty differently, these should be your first stops if you like blondes or brunettes, fair or dark skin tones.



Why are there so many beautiful women from Brazil? Because their genes make them do it. Brazilians are likely the most racially diverse people in the world. This means that mixing bodies of different sizes and types makes for the most beautiful bodies. They also work on them because they live on the beach in Rio or show off at the coolest bars in São Paulo, where everyone is crazy about fashion. You can find a Brazilian girl at any fashion show in the world or in any issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit and be sure to find one.



It’s likely that Russia has the most beautiful women per square mile, after Brazil. You can find pretty women on the Moscow subway and in the most rural parts of Siberia, which is where supermodel Irina Shayk was found. Russian women are known for being beautiful.


Men who want tall, blonde women with blue eyes usually think of Sweden, but Slovakia has the most beautiful blonde women. A lot of women around the world spend a lot of money to look like Slovakian women. These girls don’t have to try very hard to get your attention.



It’s true that Slovakian blondes are sexier than Swedish blondes, but Swedish women do fit the idea of a beautiful woman. Now you know why they won the first two Miss World titles. They are also very pretty on the inside. If you talk to any woman in Stockholm, you’ll find that they’re also smart and informed.



Venezuela has more Miss World and Miss Universe winners than any other country. This is because beauty is very important to the people there. Women are shaped by surgery, which is a big business in this area, when they aren’t naturally beautiful. Some people say that women’s beauty is the most important part of national pride and even national identity. That’s why women spend the most money on beauty. And while Caracas, the capital, is not a very beautiful city, that is easy to forget when looking at the young women walking around.



A lot of them look a lot like Sofia Vergara. Columbian women are proud of their curves and do everything they can to show them off. People there are also very attractive and hard to resist, so if you don’t want to give in to desire, try to hold back when you visit Bogota.



Why do so many guys from around the world want to marry and live in Ukraine? People have talked about and understood the reasons for this, but the main one is that attractive women who dress well and take care of their bodies are very appealing. You can see why they’re so popular if you walk around Kiev.



Most people will say that the women in Lebanon are the most beautiful in the Arab world and the Middle East. And a controversial picture from 2006 of wealthy Lebanese women riding through a war-torn Beirut area made everyone really notice that. It proved that the young, tanned women in this country are strong and always look beautiful. People in the city of Lebanon are lively and fun-loving, which will surprise you when you visit.



Afro-Asian women are the most beautiful. One of only two sub-Saharan countries with a black Miss Universe winner is this one. Its models are now walking the world’s catwalks, like Sharam Diniz, who is one of Victoria Secret’s angels. Because of her international fame, young girls in Luanda are always competing in beauty pageants and for the attention of modeling agencies. It’s also in the city that you can see men admiring African beauty at the new, hip (and expensive!) bars and restaurants.


  • USA

The United States is known for having the most fat people in the world, and there isn’t really a single type of woman in this country. America is also crazy about weight loss and beauty goods and procedures, and some cities do have a lot of hot women compared to other cities. It doesn’t matter if the bodies in Miami and Los Angeles are real or fake; the women there make sure to show them off.

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