Top Coldest countries Around the World

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As winter blankets the globe, let us embark on a frost-kissed adventure to the coldest corners of our planet. From snow-clad landscapes to bone-chilling temperatures, these regions defy the ordinary and beckon the intrepid traveller. Here, we unveil the top coldest places that leave even polar bears shivering.

1. Canada: The Great White North

Average Annual Temperature: -22.37°F

Oh, Canada! With its vast expanse and sparse population, this second-largest country wears its icy crown proudly. From the snow-draped streets of Montreal to the frozen wilderness of the Yukon Territory, Canada boasts frigid conditions year-round. In Snag, Yukon, the mercury once plummeted to a staggering -81.4°F, a testament to its bone-chilling winters. Hotels even feature heated doors to fend off the frost.

snowy mountain under white cloudsPhoto by Kalen Emsley on Unsplash

Free Yukon Snow photo and pictureImage by steveowst from Pixabay

2. Russia: Where Cold Knows No Bounds

Average Annual Temperature: -22.82°F

Russia, the land of vast steppes and ancient towns, stretches from Europe to the far reaches of Asia. Its continental climate delivers mild summers and interminable winters. Siberia, with its subarctic grip, witnessed a historic low of -89.86°F in Oymyakon—a village where gadgets freeze, batteries surrender, and residents subsist on meat alone. Yet, amidst the icy desolation, St. Petersburg’s “White Nights” offer a fleeting respite.

person in red jacket standing on snow covered ground during daytimePhoto by Hans-Jurgen Mager on Unsplash
white trees on snow covered ground under blue sky during daytimePhoto by Raisa Milova on Unsplash

3. Mongolia: Genghis Khan’s Frozen Realm

Average Annual Temperature: -30.74°F

In the heart of Central and East Asia lies Mongolia—a land steeped in history and rugged beauty. Once home to the ever-warring Genghis Khan, it now shelters a resilient populace. Here, the Golden Eagle Festival unfolds against a backdrop of snow-cloaked mountains. The Mongols celebrate their heritage, undeterred by the biting cold that defines their existence.

brown grass field near snow covered mountains during daytimePhoto by Bolatbek Gabiden on Unsplash
Free Horse Race Finish Line photo and pictureImage by Erdenebayar Bayansan from Pixabay

4. Antarctica: The Ultimate Ice Kingdom

Average Annual Temperature: Varies (extreme lows)

Antarctica, the frozen continent, defies comparison. Its Eastern Antarctic Plateau boasts the lowest temperature ever recorded on Earth: a bone-numbing -94°C. Research stations like Amundsen-Scott and Vostok endure relentless cold, where frostbite is a constant companion. Yet, amidst this icy desolation, scientists unravel the secrets of our planet’s past.

people sitting on ice formation during daytimePhoto by Long Ma on Unsplash
two person standing on snow fieldPhoto by Cassie Matias on Unsplash

5. Greenland: Where Ice Reigns Supreme

Average Annual Temperature: 1.076°F

Greenland, the world’s largest island, wears its icy mantle proudly. Its 4-kilometer-thick ice sheet blankets 80% of the land. With summers lasting a mere two months and no sunlight for the rest of the year, Greenland’s frozen beauty captivates the intrepid traveller. Amidst the frozen fjords and glacial peaks, life persists—a testament to resilience in the face of nature’s harshest whims.

view photography of assorted-color houses near pond during daytimePhoto by Visit Greenland on Unsplash
houses covered with snow under gray skyPhoto by Visit Greenland on Unsplash

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