Under All That Fluff, Owls Have a Pair of Thin Legs.

Pictures of what hides under the feathers make an owl look so beautiful that they have gone viral and changed how most people think about these birds.

What’s going on? The fact that owls have long legs was a surprise to many people who saw it on the internet.

Check out the picture below. This is how most people think of an owl: wise, elegant, and a little scary.

Feathers down: beutiful and imposing.

Twitter – CGdrawing

First, take a look at the picture below. This is how most of us picture an owl: wise, stately, slightly intimidating.

Now, look at this! Look at those long, slender legs! Were we supposed to know those were hiding under there all along?

Feathers up: goofy and strange!

Twitter – CGdrawing

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