Watch: A woman shows how to make vegan water, but what people say about it is the best part.

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You are currently viewing Watch: A woman shows how to make vegan water, but what people say about it is the best part.

Digital platforms have become a breeding ground for strange content, but one woman’s movie has caught the attention of people worldwide. In a short but interesting online lesson, she shows how to make vegan water. This idea has left many people amused, curious, and definitely entertained.

Emily put up a video of a recipe that was different.

Emily was proud of her product, vegan water, which was a bit of a culinary oddity. You did read that correctly. She took the idea of “thinking outside the box” to a whole new level. Emily organised the cut-out pieces of free-range tofu, chilling in the freezer with care as if they were a valuable ingredient.

She then added these frozen pieces of tofu to her water, turning it into a drink different from what most people would expect. As a last touch, she put a cut lemon on top to make it look nice. Even though some people might think Emily’s veggie water is strange, no one can deny that she is creative and can make her recipes fun.

People were not sure if the film was real or not.

People who watched the video were confused, making them wonder if it was real. Some people wondered if it was a joke or a real situation when they saw frozen tofu mixed with water. Some people who watched it were sure it was real, while others were not sure.

People were sceptical at first and said things like, “I watched the whole thing because I thought it was a joke.” On the other hand, the second group said, “Sarcasm so good, half the people in the comments don’t realise it’s fake.”

All the comments were the best part.

The movie was very funny, but the comments were even funnier and made the show. Here are some of the funny things people said:


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“Could I use ice instead of tofu if I didn’t have any tofu?”

“I only drink water that doesn’t come from a cage. It makes me feel better about the people caring for the water.

“I’ve been a vegan for five years, and up until now, I haven’t been able to drink water.”

“I’m not a vegan, so I use frozen cubed steak.”

These comments were a fun addition to the conversation and showed how smart and funny the watchers are.

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