“We met when she was 18,” says the couple, proving that love always wins.

You are currently viewing “We met when she was 18,” says the couple, proving that love always wins.

A TikTok writer who is 24 years old and in love with a rich man who is almost 40 years older than her is writing about her life. Six years ago, Semie met Claudio on a social site. Now, the pair has a very expensive and luxurious life together. They spend their days between Claudio’s New Jersey business and their Dominican Republic condo.

The couple’s family and friends were suspicious because they quickly got together.

Semie says her last relationship wasn’t great, “Before I met Claudio, I worked as a waitress at a small diner. I was in a very bad situation. After we broke up, I went on a date with Claudio a few months later.”

They quickly found things they had in common. Even though they were different ages, they were both interested in the same things. We spent a lot of time together, and when he asked me to a festival, we fell in love. I moved in with him three months after we met.”

“I met Semie when she was 18,” says Claudio. “I was newly single after being married for 18 years. “I want to go out with someone who won’t be too picky,” he says. But Claudio’s 33- and 34-year-old girls were unsure about that match. “They told me, ‘Dad, please don’t date women who are younger than us.'”

“They weren’t sure about him, and before our first date, they kept asking me if I was sure I wanted to meet him because they didn’t think he was very trustworthy.”

Even though the beginning was hard, family and friends came to understand them over time.

Semie gets along well with Claudio’s daughters and their children. “I love being a grandmother,” she says. I skipped having children and went straight to having grandkids.” She even gets along well with his ex-wife. “Claudio also got divorced in a friendly way, so meeting his wife was no problem. We get along great, and she even lives next door to us. Even though I’m so much younger, I feel like I fit in.”

Her family and friends also agreed with her choice. “They love him now. “I didn’t tell my family for a while, but now that they know we’re in love, they’re very supportive,” Semie says.

They talk about how they met and fell in love on social media for everyone to see.

Strangers online criticize the couple a lot because they think their relationship is only about making money. “I’m 24, and he’s 60—and he didn’t kidnap me,” Semie tells people who say bad things about her boyfriend but don’t like her.

People keep calling her a gold digger, but she keeps telling them, “We’re all gold diggers. No one is out there looking for rocks, right? I think it’s great that I have a man who wants to ensure I have enough money. Claudio confirms, “It doesn’t bother me, because I know Semie, our relationship, and what’s happening.”

They advise anyone in a relationship with a big age difference.

Semie says, “In a relationship between people of different ages, there will always be people who think you’re wrong. Just be yourself and show them why they’re wrong.” Claudio adds, “And always try to make a good relationship for both of you.” Regardless of what kind of relationship you have.”

At the end, Semie says something sweet: “Being with you is like living out a teenage dream. Like, “You’re happy, you’re young, money isn’t a problem, I can do anything I can think of, and I get to do it with my best friend.”

In real life, couples don’t get as much criticism as celebrity pairs do. Relationships between people of different ages have been common in Hollywood for a long time, from Celine Dion and Heidi Klum to Patrick Stewart and Jeff Goldblum.

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