What is That Little Hole At The Bottom of a Padlock For?

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“Photo Credit: Ray_Shrewsberry | Pixabay“

What’s the point of that tiny hole in the padlock’s base?

A padlock is a common thing that is very useful. They are used to store bikes, tools, gates, and outdoor sheds. They’re made to stand up to the weather and efforts to cut or damage them. But they have a secret feature—a small hole on the bottom that does a very important job.

Performing an Important Job

“Photo Credit: Ray_Shrewsberry | Pixabay“


One surefire way to keep your things from getting stolen is to use a padlock. They are metal tools that are small but powerful. These factors make padlocks more likely to rust from water damage and bad weather. They are made with a small secret hole on the bottom that lets water escape, which is good. This keeps the padlock from rusting, which makes it last longer and be more useful.

Instead of the Padlock Hole

Image Credit: Master Lock


There are now weatherproof padlocks on the market, and the tiny hole in the padlock was once a big deal. Its form makes sure that a padlock will always keep your things safe, all year long.

Another Reason for the Design of the Padlock

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There is a small hole on the bottom of a padlock that does more than just keep it from rusting. The padlock might get stuck or not open sometimes, even if you have the right key or code. So, a fake oil can be put in the hole to help the padlock open.


Things you use every day that have “hidden features”

Image Credit: Shutterstock


Not only padlocks are made with secret or hidden parts, but so are many other things. Here are some more useful things that can be used for more than one thing.

Use of screwdrivers as wrenches

Image Credit: thetortureneverstops | Imgur


It is useful to know how to fix cars, especially since there are more and more of them on the road. Still, most experts agree that it can be hard to work on cars because there isn’t much room and there are cracks that need to be kept clean. To help you get to those tight spots, most screwdrivers can be slid into wrenches.

Colour Swatch on Clothes

Image Credit: RJ News | Boredpanda

A colour test used to come with clothes. Some still do, but how and what they’re made of makes it hard to say why. Because of a few things. To begin, these pieces make it simple to find fabrics or threads that match when clothes are torn or damaged. You can also use these colour swatches to see how things like washing soap will change the colour of an item. Those small patches are basically test pieces of fabric that match the outfit. This way, the buyer will know how to take care of their clothes correctly.


Padlocks and doorknobs made of brass

“Photo Credit: draconianimages | Pixabay“

Brass is often used for doorknobs, stair steps, padlocks, and other things that people touch often because it kills germs.

Sign for petrol

A lot of people forget which side of their car the petrol tank is on. Luckily, carmakers have thought of that and added a sign to remind you. It’s usually a triangle-shaped thing next to your gas gauge that points to the right side.

It has two jobs:

Image Credit: Heinz Ketchup US

There are many sauces, from ketchup to steak sauce, that have the Heinz 57 name on them. It’s not just there to look nice, though. Interestingly, it also helps you figure out where to tap the bottle to make sure the sauce runs easily.

Things like padlocks and the ones above are just a few of the many great inventions and designs that have been made to make life easier and more handy.

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