When a squirrel was saved from a hurricane, she had her own little teddy bear and wouldn’t let go of it.

When Hurricane Isaac hit, Jill was thrown out of her nest and had to find a new home.

Lucky for the squirrel, she was found by a kind family. Even though she only planned to stay until she was a little older and stronger, she ended up staying for good. This is how it works:

Jill found out that living with her new family was pretty sweet.

It’s been seven years since Jill moved in, and she’s still going strong.

People from all over the world follow her Instagram account and get a glimpse into the lives of the people who live there. There are a lot of wacky mishaps and a lot of great clothes.

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, Jill’s favorite teddy bear is sure to be there. In bed, she always has the little teddy bear by her side. She likes to hug and hold the teddy and keeps it close to her. In Jill’s arms, the white little teddy bear fits right in.

She likes to give her friend a good squeeze.

There is also a good chance that she will show off her friend to the camera.

Their snooze together is so cute.

Squirrels are very smart, and Jill is no exception.

They are also very trusting.

Some wild squirrels will even eat food from your hand if you give it to them. Jill always wants to go on new adventures with the people she likes the most, no matter what. During the time that she isn’t napping with her teddy toy, She has a lot of clothes in her closet, and they’re all pretty. Besides, her plush friend is the best thing about her. Survivor: This cute little girl is truly living the best life she could be living right now.

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