You are currently viewing When a stray dog is cold, the rescue dog takes her blanket outside and gives it to him.

When a stray dog is cold, the rescue dog takes her blanket outside and gives it to him.

Dogs are so kind, and they’ve shown this many times. They’re willing to do anything to help anyone in trouble. It doesn’t matter, though. They never fail to amaze us with their kindness. This time, an 8-month-old rescue dog in Brazil did something that everyone loved.

Lana had a rough life because she and her siblings lived on the streets before they were all saved. In the end, Lana was adopted by a young couple who gave her all the love and comfort she didn’t get in the past. She turned into a very spoiled dog from wandering the streets now that she’s home. On the other hand, her new life made her even more kind.


Lana fell in love with Suelen Schaumloeffel and her husband the first time she saw them. The rescue dog knew that her new family would treat her with love and care. However, Lana still used to sleep in the backyard. Her parents gave her a very warm blanket because the temperature in the area was dropping. She always slept and played with it.

But one cold morning, when Suelen’s husband was going to work, he couldn’t believe what he saw. To his surprise, Lana had taken her blanket outside and given it to a cold, homeless dog.


Lana’s kind gesture brought both of her parents to tears. She did a great thing for her friend, and I thought, “Wow, that’s so sweet.” That’s a good thing to remember: being kind!

Suelen and her husband even tried to get close to the puppy to see if he had an ID tag or not, but the poor thing was scared and ran away. This is how it went: That’s the only thing they thought about him. However, they hope he will return to help him, just like their favorite Lana did.


Woman: “She’s the nicest little dog I’ve ever met.” “We sometimes forget how much we can help someone else. She told me about this.

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