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When a woman meets a mouse, she makes him a small picnic.

It was a sunny day when Brighid Rose went to visit her parents. She met a new renter. Small mice had come and started living in the house. This was one of them. They were hoping that Rose’s cat could help them get rid of the small visitor who was messing around in their kitchen cabinets. Because they want to treat him better, they want to do more than just move and let him go outside.

In an interview, she said this: “I picked him up and took him to the field behind their house.” Even though he was used to eating human food in my parents’ cabinets, I felt bad about leaving him alone in a field. So I made him a little goodbye picnic. Just like at a real picnic, the woman laid out a napkin and put food on it. The mice loved it. In order to help him get used to living in the outside world, Brighid gave him a safe place. She also left him a few snacks.

Interview: “It was really sweet. He let me sit next to him for more than an hour. It was a real treat. ” He looked happy to me. I have always been a big animal fan. I didn’t think too much about it. I should do this for him! In fact, it’s not his fault. He’s a small mouse in a big world. Wasn’t it cute? Yes, it was a very good day.

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