When a woman walks down the street and sees a floating dog’s head, she is shocked.

Amanda Grace Hutter saw what looked like a magic trick being done by a dog while she was running in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

A dog’s head is hanging from a fence.

Hutter told The Dodo, “I had just crossed the street when I heard a yelp!” “This dog stuck its head out of its fence, which startled a man running by.”

The fluffy Westie whose head was floating around was interested in what was going on in his neighborhood at the time.

The dog pokes his head through the fence hole.

Hutter didn’t see any signs that the dog wanted to be petted, so she took a few pictures and kept going.

“Seeing the dog’s head sticking out of the fence made me laugh,” said Hutter. “The dog didn’t do anything except look around.”

Even though Hutter had run by that house many times, he had never seen the dog or the huge hole in the fence. Not long after she put her pictures on Facebook, she found out that the dog was well-known in her area.

Kelly Ren wrote on Facebook, “I think I used to walk by this dog every day in college.” “He was one of the first things I ever posted on Instagram!”

At least since 2012, the dog has been keeping an eye on his neighborhood by looking out of his unique peephole.

He seems to take his job as a neighborhood watchdog very seriously, because the puppy doesn’t want to be petted or given treats.

Hutter wants him to join her on her next run so she can feel better.

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