You are currently viewing When Great Dane learns that his soldier father is back home, he has the cutest reaction.

When Great Dane learns that his soldier father is back home, he has the cutest reaction.

When dogs see their human friends again, they get excited even if they were only gone for a few minutes. So you can only imagine what a dog would do when he saw his dad after a long time. This is Trevor Chowder. It has been over nine months since he was home last. He’s in the military, so he spends a lot of time away from his family. Then again, he would never have thought that his dog would be so excited when he saw him again.

He is a Great Dane. A huge one. They look like tiny puppies when we see how excited they are when they learn that their dad is back home. It doesn’t matter how big they get or how old they get. Dogs are always puppies with their heart, and this heartwarming footage shows it better than anything else.

Facebook/Emmitt Thunderpaws

Like any other dog, Emmitt knows his dad’s smell before he comes in, so he runs to meet him. He does this: His favorite person is back, and the Great Dane couldn’t help but be excited. It was so beautiful to see Emmitt’s mom, Whitney, take pictures of their emotional reunion. Seeing his dad again makes the huge dog forget about his hip problem, so he jumps up and down to celebrate the event.

Facebook/Emmitt Thunderpaws

After a long nine months apart, Emmitt is very happy to see his favorite person again! He smelled him and ran outside to meet him when he came home. In the past, we’ve told him never to jump on anyone, and we don’t let him stand on our shoulders because it’s bad for his hips. This is very out of character for him. He doesn’t cry, bark, or even lick. The only thing I did was hold on to Trevor and stare at him as if he could not believe he was back. Dogs are so cool!

Facebook/Emmitt Thunderpaws

Watch the video below!

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