When Husky sings his own “tune,” groomers start to wash him.

There are many people who like to sing in the shower. Have you ever seen a dog do the same? Then this is your chance. It’s so cute when a Husky who has a lot of personality puts on a show for the groomers who have to give him a bath.

Grooming is a job that the two women in the video do every day, so they’re used to seeing dogs react in many different ways when they get a bath. This even caught them off guard. It was so good that they knew they had to record it.


A dog’s singing is one of the most amusing ways for them to show how they feel. For those of you who might be worried about this, the dog was not in any pain. He was excited to meet new people and have someone else wash him. As the description reads, according to this video, the Husky is actually a big fan of taking baths.


Dogs are so cool! You can see this dog having so much fun in the video below!

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