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When the family looks out the window, they see that their dog isn’t alone.

Hello, Bailey! The reward for being a sweet senior dog who knows how to show love to others is that it gets to keep being itself. In 2007, when her owners took her in, she was only a few years old. Arthur’s family was glad to have her as a member. Before that, she was used to breeding other dogs. She had no choice but to have babies.

She recently showed that she still thinks of herself as a mother. Her loyalty can now be seen for what it is. It started when their family moved to a house in the country a few months ago.


Soon, Bailey’s family began to think that a stray cat lived in a ravine behind their house. They put out food, but no one ever came. But Bailey kept going out to the back yard to see how they were doing.

It wasn’t really clear what Bailey was up to. But one day, her family looked out the window and saw that their dog was no longer alone.


The wild kitten slept against Bailey’s warm body. Bailey has never made friends with a wild animal. It shows how much she loves him. She has always been very kind. The family decided to do what their dog told them to do. They, too, made room in their hearts for the little cat. Kitten-Kitten was her name.


Kitten: The family has brought the kitten inside to live with them. She sticks close to Bailey like a puppy. Now Bailey is a mother, and she will stay a mother forever.

Kitten-kitten seems to like being inside and talking to people a lot. Even more so, its mother, Bailey.

Bailey was finally able to do what she was meant to do and become a mom. In the end, it was her love for the wild cat that saved her life. Their hearts were both fixed.


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