While humans are separating from each other, elephants are stealing their wine and partying.

There were 14 elephants in China who got into their villagers’ wine vats and then went to party in their tea gardens until they passed out. While Chinese people were being kept in quarantine, a group of elephants broke into their land in search of food and alcohol. It says they broke into a grain alcohol store and drank 30 liters of corn wine between them.

As a result, there has been a lot of news about animals taking over cities and villages. Half the world is on lockdown, and the other half is living in their own world. These elephants might be the cutest of them all. As far as we know, elephants in China went into a tea garden in search of food, but they also found something else that made them very happy.

A grain alcohol storage unit led them to a wine made from corn. They drank 30 liters of it, and the results were the same as one would expect. It has been a big hit on social media because of the pictures of the drunk elephants taking a nap and hanging out together.

An elephant conservationist named Parveen Kaswan says that they do not like alcohol, and on many occasions, it was found that they even return to a place where they found alcohol before. Who would have thought that elephants like to eat things that aren’t like other things?

There are a lot of elephants that like alcohol and will look for it, as well as return to places where they found it before, says conservationist Parveen Kaswan. In tribal areas, people hide country-made alcohol, but elephants find it somehow, he said in his book. Mark the places where they found it last time. If they see drunk people, they get angry, because it wasn’t shared with them.

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