White Mom Says Her Baby is Black Because She Has Black Ancestors, Even Though Husband is White

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Photo Credit: Celina 52 Truck Stop | Facebook

A white mom says her child is black because her ancestors were black, even though her husband is white.

Rachel had a boy on February 17, 2024. She was born in Celina, Tennessee. She and her fiancé, Paul Buckman, were overjoyed. At the same time, her workplace, 52 Truck Stop, shared her happiness by posting a picture of the family on Facebook. But right away, people noticed something strange about the baby.

Faced With Backlash

Cash The 17th of February, Jamal Buckman was born. He has much darker skin than either of his parents. Paul and Rachel are both white. But their child is black. Many people said this isn’t likely to happen, which makes it seem like there’s more to the story. “I feel bad for Paul; this is a really creepy trick.” I hope he learns his lesson. One person left a comment. Someone else wrote in jest, “Congratulations!!! He DOES look a lot like his dad. “Where does he go?”Finally, someone asked rationally, “Definitely needs a DNA test; what if they mixed up the kids in the nursery by accident?”

Photo Credit: Celina 52 Truck Stop | Facebook


The company and the new parents have both spoken out, with the company making changes to their post. “Yes, Paul is the dad.” Rachel’s DNA is African American, which means that if a child is born after her, they will have darker skin. The baby’s skin is also a little discoloured, which is possibly from jaundice or something. Kindly be nice.” They also said.

Putting an end to the hate with an explanation

At the same time, Rachel shared a picture of her DNA results, which show that she is 1% Cameroonian, 1% Congolese, and 1% Western Bantu. “For the haters who said I don’t have black DNA, maybe this from my family DNA results will prove them wrong!!!! NOW STOP calling me and my fiancé Paul Buckman names that are bad. He really IS Lil Cash’s dad. Thanks, Rachel.” The post tells us.

The people, however, were still not.One guy said, “That’s the strongest 1% I’ve ever seen. Maury should get this job.” Another person with similar traits then shared their own story so that the others could compare them.”Yes, I do…” She said. “Both of my babies still look as Irish as a boiled potato.”

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Tests for DNA

Paul has felt like he has been wronged by the situation because some of the Facebook comments about the baby have been hard for him to deal with, even if the baby is not his. “Have you ever felt like everyone was making fun of you?” He wrote. He said in another post that he had asked for a DNA test for the kid. It wasn’t a surprise that this too got mixed reactions.”Paul made a good choice!” You can do what you want with the results, but I really don’t want you to not know the truth. “May God bless you!”One guy said something.Someone else joked, “Sir Helen Keller could tell that’s not your child, so save your money.”

Surprise for another family

We still don’t know if Paul is the father or not. While we wait, it’s interesting to think about how DNA affects things like hair, eye, and skin colour. Also, we need to learn more about genetic changes that can lead to strange events. In fact, this may not be the first time that parents were caught off guard by a genetic change. It was in 2010 that a Nigerian couple in London had a white child. Experts said that there were three possible reasons for such an unexpected result. She has albinism, which is caused by “dormant white genes that entered both of her parents’ families a long time ago.”

How complicated DNA is

Rachel’s 1% might be strong enough to be the reason Cash’s skin is darker, as shown by this case. In either case, DNA is a complicated subject that needs a lot of study to figure out how genetic patterns will affect both physical and mental traits. According to Genome.Gov, each cell in the body has a “complete copy of about 3 billion DNA base pairs.”

DNA stores information like diseases that may run in the family. It’s a key to the past and has information about hair, eye, and skin colour. DNA gives us all clues about who our ancestors were and where they might have come from. Most likely, this is what Paul and Rachel need to get some perspective.

It is possible, though not likely, that baby Cash is really the son of both Paul and Rachel. This is true whether they decide to tell the world or not. Another option is that the babies got mixed up in the hospital, as one person on social media pointed out. This also doesn’t happen very often, but it has happened before. In either case, genetics is a very complicated subject that shouldn’t be ignored. It also shouldn’t be ruled out that descent could be the cause.

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