Why Animals Can’t Resist the Charm of Capybaras

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Why Animals Are Attracted to Capybaras

A interesting question was posed on Tumblr: why do animals have such a strong affinity for capybaras? With a mission to find out, Hasan Jasim set out to learn a little bit about these fascinating animals.

Photographic proof of the capybara’s kind nature and capacity to establish significant interspecies relationships was unquestionably compelling. All critters, domesticated or wild, seemed to enjoy hanging out with this endearing creature, which resembled a hybrid between a pig and a rat. Its charms were not lost on even crocodiles!

Why then are capybaras so adored by people everywhere? It appears that a few important details hold the key to the solution. First of all, these adorable animals live in groups of ten to twenty people and are quite friendly. Second, with a maximum size of 134 cm and a tipping weight of 66 kg, they are the biggest rodents on the earth. Thirdly, capybaras are South American semiaquatic mammals that typically live near bodies of water. They can stay underwater for up to five minutes to avoid predators, and they can only mate under the water. They are also skilled swimmers. Lastly—and maybe most importantly—who wouldn’t want to own a capybara as a pet?

What are your thoughts on the subject? Are there any other animals that make better friends than capybaras?


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