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Wild Husky adopts newborn kittens from a box he discovers in the wood.

Banner is a unique dog. Since her infancy, the 3-year-old Husky has provided emotional support to her owner. Since she was a child, Whitney Braley has trained her to help her with many tasks. The banner was more than just a dog to her because she had a disability!

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A PTSD victim told Bored Panda that her dog alerted her to PTSD symptoms, including anxiety attacks and migraines. But Banner’s generosity continues. The dog has also rescued several animals and appears to adore kittens throughout the years. She even adopted those she saved.

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“She loves kitties and does a lot of rescues,” Whitney added. “Banner raised my first bottle baby kitten found in a ditch two years ago. She still stays with us and has fostered at least ten litters of kittens throughout the years.”

Image credits: Caters News

But there was one rescue that moved both Banner and Whitney. The keen-eyed pooch noticed something weird on a walk and warned her owner. Whitney couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw a kitten box. Seven tiny beings, just a day old. Banner hasn’t left their side since she saw them.

Image credits: Caters News

“Someone must have just left them there to die,” Whitney told Metro. “They presumably assumed nobody would find them. I’m not sure how Banner knew they were there. The kittens were frozen and not meowing.”

And the kittens all lived happily ever after. And thanks to Banner’s care, they’ve all survived. Instead of taking them to a shelter, Whitney opted to take care of them and find them loving homes.

“Now I will find the kittens suitable homes,” she stated. “I’m overjoyed that these kittens will now have loving homes because to Banner. Heartwarming.”

The brave dog rescues and cares for abandoned kittens as if they were her own!

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