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The wild rabbit sees a beautiful bunny inside the house and falls in love right away.

It was love at first sight for two rabbits after seeing each other through a glass window. The pet rabbit was doing her own thing inside the house when a wild rabbit, who had found his way to the back porch of the family home, saw her. He fell in love with her in a split second. The video shows a heartwarming scene, and it is so cute!

Pep’s owner let her spend the day in the living room open with the sliding back door. It was a sunny spring day, so she could enjoy it. But that person didn’t know there would be a romantic scene there. Look at this! Pep was looking through the glass door, and then an animal came up right in front of her! The wild bunny was drawn to Pep’s beauty right away, but she wasn’t too impressed. At least for now, because he caught her eye as soon as the uninvited guest got near the door.

It didn’t take long for the two bunnies to start nuzzling through the window, but it did. For the little adventurer on the patio, this is a big step. He now wants to get inside the house. Does that seem possible only with the huge glass door in front of him? It doesn’t work for him for a few more minutes, but he still tries to find a way. Finally, he concluded that Pep might be out of his league. So he decided to look for love somewhere else. This time, maybe he’ll be luckier.

I had the sliding door open during our kitchen remodel because it was so hot outside. Pep spends 90% of her time in front of the door. Because it was mating time, the wild rabbits ran around and chased each other. This one decided that he liked Pep and wanted to join in on the fun.

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