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Wildlife photographer gets “once-in-a-lifetime” shot of birds bathing in a flower petal.

For the past six years, Rahul Singh has been taking pictures of the animals near his home in Jalpaiguri, India. He has taken photos of elephants, rhinos, deer, jackals, and monkeys in their natural habitats. Still, his real passion is the colorful bird’s nest near his city.

In August of last year, he took a picture of a moment that shocked him. rahulsinghclicks Singh said, “I went to a place where there were bushes of these decorative bananas to take pictures of sunbirds drinking nectar from them.” “Everything was going as usual when the crimson sunbird started bathing in the water stored in the banana flower petal out of the blue. I was shocked.” The early morning rain had collected in the bowl-shaped red petal of the banana flower, and the 4-inch-long songbird wasn’t going to let it go to waste on a hot day.

rahulsinghclicks After the crimson sunbird had had enough nectar, she started to use the petal as a bathtub. Singh had been watching birds for a long time, and he had never seen anything like it. Singh said, “I was shocked to see this strange behavior.” “I held down the shutter button on my camera while the bird bathed.” rahulsinghclicks Singh was so happy to be in the right place at the right time to capture the fairytale-like moment. Later, he posted the photos on Instagram, where they moved thousands of people. Singh said, “This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.” “It’s crazy how nature can catch us off guard.

Credits : rahulsinghclicks

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