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With their trunks, the babies hit each other on the head.

This pair of elephant calves want us to fall in love with them even more than we already do. Elephant calves are just like any other baby animal. So they stood up and did the best play fight you’ve ever seen. As a good thing, the moment was caught on video, and it’s even cuter than these little elephants!

Sweet footage of two elephants in a national park in Thailand quickly spread around the world, making a lot of people feel better. Their meal was made from plants that grow in the forest in Kanchanaburi province. Then, all of a sudden, the two cute creatures started a fight. How could you tease one another with their trunks?


Afterward, the two elephants started slapping their trunks over their heads. It looked more like they were cuddling. There was a fight when one of the calves was losing, so he raised his trunk and slapped the other one on the head.

Baby elephants are some of the most fun-loving animals in the world, and cute things like this happen all the time! One of the reasons they’ve been behaving like little kids is because they get a lot of protection from the herd. In general, elephants are known to be very protective when it comes to their babies. Calves are part of a 50-elephant herd, and they all live in these forests.


Prathom, a conservationist in the area, took a picture of the funny moment. They are so friendly and cute, he said. “It makes me so happy to see them living their lives in their natural environment.”

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