Woman Is Addicted After Spending $74K On Plastic Surgery To Look Like Barbie

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You are currently viewing Woman Is Addicted After Spending $74K On Plastic Surgery To Look Like Barbie

After spending $74,000 on plastic surgery to look like Barbie, a woman is hooked.


We should all have some kind of hobby, but some people go too far with theirs. It looks like that’s how Tara Jayne McConachy lives her life; the 31-year-old Instagram model and beauty nurse says she can’t live without plastic surgery.

She has spent about $74,000 on different treatments over the years, such as breast enlargement. People like Tara spend a lot of time and money on plastic surgery. She has travelled all over the world to find the best doctors.

Some figures say she has had her breasts done about five times, and she is going to have her eyes changed to a bright green colour. Some of her ribs will be taken out because she wants her waste to be more trimmed.

She now has a device that is 1050cc in size. Botox, fillers, a tip rhinoplasty, and veneers are some of the other things she has had done. She compares herself to a good wine in that she gets better with age. She also says that surgery makes her better.

Tara says she is the limited edition Barbie doll for Australia. More than 110,000 people follow her on Instagram, where she writes this. She is excited about having more surgeries.

In 2020, she was even in Europe having surgery when the plague began. She said, “I didn’t have time to properly recover because Australia was telling its citizens living abroad to come back home right away because the borders were closing.”

She now has her own website where she sells pictures of herself to make money. It’s to pay for her procedures, and she says it’s going pretty well.

She also said she had no limits on how many times she would have surgery and was excited to have more done. “I’m on a quest for a bigger chest,” she said. Being the centre of attention is something I really want, so I thought getting breast implants would be the perfect way to get it.

She also has very little body fat and a body mass index that is too low for safety. When she asks some doctors for fillers or Botox, they say no, but she just goes to another doctor. She said she has five doctors, so if one says no, she can pick from the other four.

A few of her doctors are telling her to gain weight before getting any more implants. They don’t know how well she will handle the anaesthesia that will be used during the surgery.

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