Woman shares a photo of chicken breast which was ‘spaghettified’

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You are currently viewing Woman shares a photo of chicken breast which was ‘spaghettified’

A woman posts a picture of a “spaghettified” chicken breast.

Alesia Cooper, a mother from Irving, Texas, shared a picture of chicken breasts that she had bought. As soon as she started making dinner, the chicken shreds into thin strands that looked like spaghetti, which made her wonder what was wrong and ask for help.

She wrote under the picture she put online on March 21: “I was on the fence about posting this, but since I had to see it, so do you all.”

“A few weeks ago, I was cleaning my meat like I always do before starting to cook my kids dinner. When I went back to start cooking, it turned into this (SIC)” Cooper told us.

Cooper wrote that the meat came from the low-cost store Aldi and added, “lol I think it’s that fake meat but I’m not sure anyway…”Since then I haven’t made chicken off the bone.

Like everyone else, people posted on the picture and shared their worries and ideas.

One person wrote, “That’s lab-grown chicken. It’s a new way they make chicken because they haven’t had produce for the last few years because of the bird flu and lack of resources. Last year they announced that they found a way to make chicken in a lab, and that’s what’s in stores now.”

“Fake, I no longer believe it,” said someone else.

It’s not meat made in a lab or meat that was 3D printed. The chickens that made it are real. What’s wrong is when greedy chicken farmers feed their birds growth hormones against their will, making them grow too quickly, said someone else.

Wall Street said that this is how chicken breasts look when farmers feed them chemicals to make them bigger. They can also take on a spaghetti-like look.

A professor of agriculture and food science at the University of Bologna in Italy, Dr. Massimiliano Petracci, said, “There is proof that these problems are linked to birds that grow quickly.”

“In the past, it took a chicken 112 days to reach a market weight of 2.5 pounds. These days, it only takes an average of 47 days for a chicken to reach a market weight of 5.03 pounds.”

It’s likely that chickens will have to get even bigger if people keep eating chicken.”We’ll also need to increase the amount of breast meat in each bird. A professor at Ohio State University’s Poultry Research Centre named Dr. Michael Lilburn said this.

As more chicken products like sandwiches, nuggets, and wings are bought, Lilburn said, “what people don’t realise is that it’s consumer demand that’s forcing the industry to change.”

“There is a vocal but deceptively small group of people who are asking a lot of good questions.” “Most people in the U.S. still don’t care where their food comes from as long as it’s cheap,” Liburn said.

To keep our health and the health of our children, we must be very careful about what we eat.


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