You should meet Wallace, the Corgi with a heart-shaped nose who likes to hug all the other dogs he meets.

This adorable little puppy is a kind person who wears his heart on his nose.

A fluffy, bouncy corgi named Wallace is full of love and happiness. He loves to share that happiness with everyone he meets and wants to do the same for everyone else.

Wallace always makes his dad, Noah Raminick, stop when they see another dog so he can give them a kiss. He is so happy when he sees other dogs that he can’t help but show his excitement.

Wallace’s cute little nose is even more adorable than giving all the pups in the random hugs. The nose is shaped just like a little heart.

As a bonus, Ramineck is very happy to have a sweet and friendly dog.

Ramineck likes to watch Wallace hug and play with other dogs when they go out. He also likes to see how happy he makes everyone he meets.

In a way, Wallace is like a little fluffy ball of happiness. He can hug any dog, no matter how big or small. He’s learned how to get up on his hind legs and wrap his little paws around bigger dogs as best he can.

In the case of small dogs, Wallace makes sure to follow their lead, so they don’t get scared, uncomfortable, or feel overwhelmed by the crowd.

There’s nothing more important to Wallace than making sure everyone has a good time. He’s very good at figuring out how other dogs are feeling.

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