Zoo Defends ‘Panda’ Exhibit After Criticism For Using Dogs Dyed Black And White

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You are currently viewing Zoo Defends ‘Panda’ Exhibit After Criticism For Using Dogs Dyed Black And White
Visitors are said to be queuing to see the creatures. Jam Press

Zoo says it stands by its “Panda” exhibit after being criticized for using black-and-white dogs in it.

China’s Taizhou Zoo showed off the animals even though it said it didn’t have any real bears to show.

After adding a new attraction with dogs that have been dyed to look like pandas, a zoo in China has recently become the center of some debate.

Many people enjoy going to the zoo because it gives them a chance to see animals they don’t usually see in their own backyards or in the neighborhood.

Most likely, tourists are interested in seeing strange animals from faraway places or animals that you would normally only see while hiking in the middle of nowhere.

At the Taizhou Zoo in Jiangsu Province, China, things are very different.

People are waiting in line to see this new draw, which is a pretty common animal with a twist that makes it look very different.

A lot of animal fans came to the zoo on May 1 to see what new exhibit was being unveiled.

When the curtain finally came down, the crowd saw small four-legged animals with white faces and black spots around their eyes and ears that looked a lot like the marks on a panda.

It turned out that these were not pandas at all.

The dogs were in full panda attire.
Jam Press

The dogs were Chow Chows, which you may know from everyday life or from different social media sites.

These dogs don’t look like wild animals at all; they’re known for being fluffy and cute.

Because the zoo owners admitted they didn’t have any real pandas to show, these dogs from northern China were picked to be part of the show.

People quickly spoke out against the decision to trim and color the Chow Chows to look like pandas. People in the area charged the zoo of possibly being cruel to animals.

A zoo spokesperson strongly denied these claims, saying that the choice was similar to what people do by comparing it to “people also dye their hair.”

Visitors are said to be queuing to see the creatures.
Jam Press

The spokesperson also said that the incident hadn’t stopped people from coming.

In fact, lots of people kept going to the zoo to see these little panda-like animals.

Another person who spoke about the process said, “Natural dye can be used on dogs if they have long fur.”

The spokesperson went on to explain why the choice was made: “The zoo doesn’t have any panda bears, so that’s why we wanted to do this.”

“There are a lot of people coming to see them, so you need to wait in line.” You can see them from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

Jam Press

What people have said about the zoo’s newest draw online is rather mixed. When the Chow Chows were dressed in fur like pandas, one watcher said they looked “cute.”

As a joke, someone else said, “Well that’s an extreme way to get your dogs cared for while you’re at work lol.”

But not everyone found it funny. One reviewer said, “Cruel to do this to dogs.”

According to What’s The Jam, a local pet stylist said that natural dyes are safe for most cats, which adds to the safety of the practice.

But the beauty expert also told pet owners to stay away from items with chemicals to protect the health of their furry friends.

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