Amazing Shot of Two Sharks Caught Inside a Glassy Wave Captured by Photographer

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You are currently viewing Amazing Shot of Two Sharks Caught Inside a Glassy Wave Captured by Photographer

A photographer took an amazing picture of two sharks caught in a glassy wave.

Australian photographer Sean Scott spends a lot of time with his camera in front of the clear blue water. His bright pictures show how beautiful the area is and what kinds of animals live there. A few years ago, he took one of the pictures he will always remember. It shows how powerful waves are and how they can swallow up any living thing, no matter how big or small. In this picture, you can see two sharks inside a huge ocean wave. The two are facing the current head-on, with their tails pointed at us. They looked like they were frozen in place because of the power of the water and how hard they were swimming.

Scott was taking pictures at Red Bluff, a tough surf spot about 14 hours north of Perth, when he saw the two sharks. He was looking at a big school of fish when he saw dark shapes moving around a black bait ball. As soon as Scott realised they were sharks, he quickly set up his camera and took this amazing picture. After that, he flew his drone over the spot from the water and saw that the two were not alone—over 200 sharks were feeding at the same time.

An Australian photographer named Sean Scott took a beautiful picture of two sharks moving in a very clear wave. Besides his amazing pictures of sharks, the photographer has an amazing collection of pictures of beautiful waves and animals.



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