Exploring the Marvels of Iceland: Diving Between Continents

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Seeing the Amazing Things in Iceland: Diving Between Continents

The Silfra fissure is a unique geological feature in the middle of Iceland. It is where the American and Eurasian tectonic plates almost meet. These amazing places are thought to be the only ones on Earth where you can touch two continents at the same time. This makes them a must-see for nature lovers and explorers alike.

The Silfra fissure, which was made when the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates slowly moved apart, gives divers and snorkelers a one-of-a-kind chance to explore the amazing underwater world that spans two continents. The space between the plates is so small here that you can reach out and touch both North America and Europe at the same time. This is an experience that really goes beyond the limits of geography.

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The seas around Silfra are known to be some of the clearest in the world, which is one of the most amazing things about the island. The water is so clear because of a natural process that starts with the melting water from the nearby Langjokull glacier. As these waters slowly flow through the porous underground lava for many decades, they go through a very strict cleaning process. When they come out at Silfra, they are the cleanest and clearest you can find.

When divers and snorkelers go down into Silfra, they see a beautiful scenery of underwater rock formations and colourful sea life. The rift’s stunning geological features can be seen from more than 120 metres away, and the algae-covered rocks below give off a green glow that makes the views even better.

Silfra’s fluorescent green algae. (Stocktrek Images/Getty)

There are many places to dive in Silfra, and each one has its own special features and draws. The Big Crack has the deepest and narrowest parts of the rift. It’s an exciting trip through narrow passages and tall rock formations. Silfra Hall is a huge space inside the rift that invites explorers to explore its winding hallways and secret rooms. The tall lava rock walls of Silfra Cathedral are stunning, with complex patterns carved into them by time. Silfra Lagoon lets snorkelers have a more relaxing time by letting them glide over colourful algae beds while enjoying the peaceful beauty of this underwater paradise.

The fissure is in Thingvellir National Park, which carefully controls who can visit in order to protect Silfra’s pure environment. Tourists must go into the water with the help of certified tour operators and local experts, like DIVE.IS, who run a variety of trips and activities from May to September.


Finally, the Silfra fissure is a stunning example of the amazing forces of nature. It gives us a unique look into the changing processes that make our world what it is. If you want to try something new and exciting, diving or snorkelling in Silfra is a trip that you will never forget. It goes beyond your limits and leaves you with a lasting image of how beautiful Iceland’s natural wonders are.

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