Megan Fox responds to criticism that she makes her sons wear clothes for girls.

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You are currently viewing Megan Fox responds to criticism that she makes her sons wear clothes for girls.

Megan Fox just showed that nobody should mess with her kids unless they want to deal with her. The Transformers actress didn’t hold back when she smashed the idea that she has any say in what her three boys wear. Let’s find out what happened and how Fox dealt with the scary situation.

The oldest son of Megan has always liked dresses.

Fox once said that her oldest boy, Noah, was very interested in fashion, especially dresses: “Sometimes he dresses himself, and sometimes he likes to wear dresses.” Megan Fox and her ex-husband Brian Austin Green have three boys together. Noah, Bodhi, and Journey were born in 2012, 2014, and 2016, respectively.

The actress knew that since Noah is a boy, people might make fun of his clothes, so she did everything she could to protect him: “I sent him to a really liberal hippie school, but even there, here in California, he still has little boys telling him, ‘Boys don’t wear dresses’ or ‘Boys don’t wear pink.'” So, we’re going through that now, and I’m trying to teach him to be strong no matter what other people say.

She was told that she made her boys dress like girls.

Megan and her ex-husband still help Noah and their other boys, but some people online disagree. Robby Starbuck, who uses Twitter, said that he knew the family and that Megan was in charge of how the boys looked.

Starbuck sent a picture of Fox with her three sons. All of them had long hair, and Noah was wearing a pink outfit that said “strong girls” on it. “These are Megan Fox’s sons,” he also wrote. We used to live in the same neighborhood with gates, and our kids used to play at the same park. Two of them had full-blown meltdowns while their nanny tried to comfort them. They said their mom made them wear clothes for girls.


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Fox took a screenshot of Starbuck’s tweet and shared it on her Instagram along with a response that would have made anyone shake in their boots. She said that Starbuck was trying to get more famous at the expense of her children, which she thought was very low. “No matter how desperate you may be to get money, power, success, or fame, never use children as leverage or social currency,” she said.

Megan’s father jumped in to defend her.

But don’t just take Fox’s word for it. Her ex-husband, Brian Austin Green, backed her up and confirmed everything she said. He said, “That story is completely made up. There aren’t many people in their world who can actually check if a story like this is true or not, but I can tell you for sure that it isn’t.

Then again, what does it matter if a boy likes to dress like a girl? There are a lot of male celebrities who do this and look great.

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