She survived and is now a therapy dog!

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Around the world, there are thousands of cases of animals being hurt in different ways, like being hurt physically or emotionally or being left alone.

Some stories, like the one about Maggie, are so sad that it is hard to believe they are true. Maggie is a good example of how to get back on your feet. Six months ago, she had 17 bullet wounds, was pregnant, had no eyes, and had an ear cut off. Wild Heart Establishment, a non-profit group, took care of her and wrote on her authority page that when she was found, she was pregnant (but the baby died from major injuries) and had only one eye, five years of age, and one ear.

Photo credit: recreoviral

Maggie spent the first half of her life living in a shooting range, where many people practised shooting while she tried to hide from the shots and the loud noise that hurt her ears.

Maggie was found and saved.

The UK-based foundation said that Kasey Carlin’s mother, an English woman who takes care of several dogs, found her in the shelter in Lebanon and chose to take her daughter with her.

Photo credit: recreoviral

Kasey Carlin says on her Instagram account that Maggie the Wonder Dog is a protected dog in the new world. Five years after living in the Unified Realm, the dog has become a leader in the field of therapy dogs because it has given up all that hard work of hurting people to help them get better.

In an article that came out in December of last year, the woman said that Maggie is one of her most moody pets, is very patient, and that her scars have made her more aware of what is happening around her.

#3: Now, this is Maggie.

Photo credit: recreoviral

Even though she has had a hard life, many old people she helps and cares for, like Anne, who lives in Brighton, a seaside city, are grateful to her. Every time he gets the dog, he ensures she gets a tin of cookies.

During a network show meeting, Kasey realised that she had never met a dog as polite and beautiful as Maggie. More than 500,000 people follow the dog’s official Instagram account, where she shares stories about other dogs who have been saved after being treated very badly.

Photo credit: recreoviral

Kasey said that the golden-haired dog and Mishka, another service dog, always live together. Kasey said they didn’t get along at first because Mishka howled a lot when she saw Maggie. But after a few days of living together, they couldn’t live without each other. Maggie does have some health problems, but doctors say she is healthy enough to live a normal life.



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