Twitter posts show that a woman on Turkish Airlines gave birth to a girl at a height of 42,000 feet.

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You are currently viewing Twitter posts show that a woman on Turkish Airlines gave birth to a girl at a height of 42,000 feet.

When Nafi Diaby went into labour in the middle of her flight on the Turkish airline while they were at an altitude of 12,800 metres, the trip changed for everyone on board. Even though Nafi Diaby was 28 weeks pregnant then, the cabin crew did not hesitate to help her as her labour pains got worse during the journey.

Photo credit: Turkish Airlines

The flight staff immediately jumped into action to help Nafi Diaby and give her child what it needed. The flight staff used all of the seats on the plane to make the experience as comfortable as possible.
When flight attendant Bouthayna Inanir saw the woman in trouble, she said her first thought was that she was having a miscarriage. However, when she saw the child, she knew she had to help them. Inanir said she had to take the baby away from its mother and give it to her. She told him why it was important.

Photo credit: Turkish Airlines

The airline company shared the good news about the child on its official Twitter account by sharing a message to share the news. On top of that, they showed the cabin workers pictures of the baby. The mother and her baby were getting medical help when they got to the airport in Ouagadougou. Both the mother and the young child she is caring for are in good health.
Most planes will let women at least 28 weeks pregnant fly until they are 36 weeks pregnant. When travelling with Turkish Airlines, pregnant women must show a note from their doctor saying that they are healthy enough to hold an infant during the trip. Even though they have been given permission to move, they will not be able to do so after that.

Photo credit: Turkish Airlines

People from all over the world praised the flying crew and the woman for what they did. In addition to this, they said that the baby should be born right away. Even so, some people are surprised by the place where the baby was born. People in the online community were also interested in the child’s likely nationality.


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