10+ Photographers Who Captured Beautiful Moments and Made Us Smile

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There are many good people in the world who get pleasure from making other people happy. Even though we don’t always get something in return when we help or care about someone else, what counts is that we are kind and keep being kind. Many people have given up things to help those who have less than them, and we want to honor them with you.

1. He let an 88-year-old woman sit in his first-class spot.

“Jack and his family bought seats in our first-class cabin for their flight home from New York. When Jack got on the plane, he went to find Violet sitting in economy and switched places with her. Violet is 88 years old and has worked as a nurse in the UK and the US. She goes to New York to see her daughter but hasn’t been able to because she had a knee replacement. She’s always wanted to sit in first class, and Jack made it happen.

2. “We’ve slept together for 13 years. I love my boy so much.”

3. “My grandma reads the newspaper to my grandpa because he can’t read it anymore.”

4. “My son is the only child at his school who isn’t white.”

5. “She loves it very much and was very surprised. “Objective reached.”

6. “I married the love of my life yesterday. I love her with all my heart and feel so lucky to have her in my life.”

7. “Finally being able to buy a car for my parents.”

8. “We’ll just go look around at the Humane Society.”

Preview photo credit Leah Amy / FacebookLeah Amy / Facebook

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