10 Times People Saw Trees ‘Devouring’ Random Objects And Just Had To Share Proof Online

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You are currently viewing 10 Times People Saw Trees ‘Devouring’ Random Objects And Just Had To Share Proof Online

People have seen trees “devouring” things 10 times and had to share proof online.

It doesn’t matter what gets in the way of trees growing tall and strong. Things like signs, statues, and other things we put on them can’t compare to how strong they are.

We at Bored Panda put together a gallery of pictures showing “hungry” trees eating normal things just because they can.

Go ahead and keep scrolling to tell yourself that nature is strong. If you need more proof after reading this, check out our earlier article about the times Mother Earth made people say, “Well, that stinks.”

#1: Plants can’t read
Trees Can't Read

#2: A tree grew around this sign, making it so that only the word “Help” could be seen.

Tree Grew Around This Sign, Only Leaving The Word “Help” Visible

We love trees, but they are in a lot of trouble. A new, first-of-its-kind study that looked at every type of tree native to the US found that 11% to 16% of them are in danger of going extinct.

Over the past five years, the study was done all over the lower 48 United States. Several organisations from across the country and even some from around the world worked together on it. The outcome gave us a better picture of how the area plants are doing right now and a place to begin protecting them.

#3: This tree grew around a face-shaped stone sculpture, making it look like a green man is stuck inside.

This Tree Grew Around A Stone Sculpture Of A Face, Making It Appear As If There Is A Green Man Trapped Inside

#4: Yamiii

Nom Nom Nom

The strangest Bi you’ll ever meet 1 year ago (changed) The tree saw you looking at him while it chewed on the fence. “Do you want some?”

#5: A tree slowly takes over this statue of Jesus in a Polish cemetery that has been left empty.

This Sculpture Of Jesus At Abandoned Cemetery In Poland Gets Slowly Absorbed By A Tree
“We can’t protect what we don’t know about,” US Botanic Garden Executive Director Susan Pell said. “And so we really have to have a baseline of understanding of what things are at risk.”

They looked at the species’s chances of going extinct, its patterns of geographic and taxonomic diversity, and the biggest risks it faces. Pests and diseases that spread quickly and cause problems were found to be the most common threat.

#6 How?

Joanie Anisko A year ago Very strange. Please remind me never to sleep with my back against a tree.

#7: Giving is Caring

Sharing Is Caring
The strangest Bi you’ll ever meet (1 year ago) Wow, that’s a really cool idea!

#8: As a mailman, I bring mail to this box every day.

I Am A Mailman, I Deliver To This Box Every Day

#9: The last time Old John Deere was parked

Old John Deere Parked For The Last Time

“As we have warmer climates, in our northern parts of our country, we see some of these invasive insects being able to go further north to attack more trees,” Pell said.

Take the Emerald Ash Borer as an example. It was first found in Michigan.

As soon as it was found, it was thought that it probably wouldn’t make it to Canada. “And now that climate change is happening, predictions will be more common in Canada and the US,” Pell said.

#10: With arms up and a smile

Arms In The Air And Smiling

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