Eva Mendes put her career on hold so she could raise her two children without a nanny.

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You are currently viewing Eva Mendes put her career on hold so she could raise her two children without a nanny.

Eva Mendes is lucky to be a mother at age 40. She takes a break from trying to become an actress so she can spend more time with her family, especially her kids. Having a job and taking care of a family is hard for every mother. But she and Ryan Gosling decided to raise their children without outside help and out of the press.

Eva Mendes is leading a modest life.

The actress took a break from the movie business to take care of her children and run her own business. “I never stopped performing. I wanted to be at home with my babies, and acting didn’t let me do that as much as my other businesses did.

Mendes wants her kids to have a normal life away from the public eye. One thing the family does often is get out of town, so their kids have more freedom to be out and about without all the attention. Mendes also values being with her family and not spending too much time on social media. “My little ones need me, and posting takes up too much of my time,” she said in an interview.

How she raises her kids is based on how she was raised.

She has to have a reason for how she lives. Mendes said, “My mom was there for me at home until I was about 8 or 9.”

This experience stays with Mendes and helps her be the same person she was back then. So she wants the same thing for both of her girls. “I want to spend this time with my kids,” she told him. “And now I’m crazy about it.”

The mom in her 40s has put her job on hold, and she and Gosling say they are very involved in taking care of their children. Even though their two girls have a tutor, they won’t hire nannies or housekeepers because they want to get help from their family.

Mendes’s motherhood without nannies

Both of them help around the house. Gosling is in charge of cooking, while Mendes does the dishes and cleans up, which she finds relaxing. “When my sink is clean, my mind is clear.”

Since they first met in 2011, Ryan Gosling has only been interested in Eva Mendes. He doesn’t talk much about his family, but he did say that Mendes gave a lot, especially when she was pregnant and taking care of her sick brother. “If she hadn’t taken all of that experience, someone else would be up here,” he said


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