Woman Pours Water on Neighbor’s Son To Get Revenge for What He Did to Her Cat

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You are currently viewing Woman Pours Water on Neighbor’s Son To Get Revenge for What He Did to Her Cat

Because her neighbor’s son hurt her cat, a woman pours water on him to get back at him.

A woman who addressed a child who was running water over her cat got a lot of attention on social media. It is not enough to say that people who have pets tend to look out for them. It makes sense since lots of people treat them like family. A woman who got back at someone too far is making people talk about X. Shannon Cooper from Edinburgh, Scotland, talked about what she did when she learned that her neighbour had wet her cat.

In 2020, she wrote on X, “My 10-year-old neighbour just threw a cup of water over my cat who was sitting on the fence not doing anything.” From the window, I laughed and threw a bowl of water over him. His dad is now yelling at my door, but I don’t see what’s wrong. Don’t touch my cat. The tweet has been pulled, which is too bad.

Image Credit: @shannoncooperox | X

Some people on social media were quick to praise her, while others were quick to tell her she was wrong. “The way you handled it was very childish.” You should have told the parents first, so they could punish their own kid. One person wrote, “Like, no, that wouldn’t hurt a child, but as a parent, I’d like to hold my child accountable.” “People who agree with this clearly haven’t been around kids and don’t know how important it is for them to go through changes.” A lot of people said, “The child is still growing and learning what happens when you do something bad.” “Fine, screw it.” It’s not clear if this was meant to be funny or not. Did the child get it wrong? Yes. What about you? A third person said, “You’re not a child.”

The public backs the woman’s lesson.

But a lot of people agreed with her and said she was right to teach the kid a lesson. Someone wrote, “He should learn not to bother animals from this.” “If you have kids, one of the first things you teach them is to treat all living things with respect, even other kids.” “My kid wouldn’t get hurt by some water if he didn’t listen to my lessons on this (which he never did)” wrote a third.

Image Credits: X / @shannoncooperx

Cooper even told them what was going on when he saw that some people were really mad about the talk. She told me that in the end, they didn’t feel bad about each other. “This makes everyone so mad.” Today, the kid and his dad laughed about it. The dad was mad that he didn’t know what his son did, and we’re friends. The kid is 13 years old, but he looks like he’s 10 lol.

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