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Phil Collins is the drummer and lead singer of the legendary band Genesis and the proud winner of eight Grammy Awards. He is known as a world music icon. Only Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney have sold more than 100 million records as a solo artist and as a member of a band. He is one of only three singers to have done this.

Collins was born on January 30, 1951, in London, England. He grew up with musically talented parents who taught him to love music from a very young age.

Collins remembers with fondness the time when, when he was only five years old, his uncle made him a homemade drum kit out of tambourines, triangles, cymbals, and toy drums. He laughed and said, “Well, at least that will keep him quiet,” which is an old saying.


Soon after, he started showing off his skills at the fishing club where his parents belonged.

“The English beat scene was just beginning to take shape when I really got into performing, in the early 1960s,” Collins says. He remembers exactly when he bought “Please Please Me.” He would turn up the record player and put his drum set in front of a mirror to make it easier to play the drums without having to look at the written music all the time. He was able to focus on his work very well thanks to this clever set-up.

I chose to learn how to read sheet music by taking drum classes when I was fourteen years old. I thought that one day, after the rock and roll craze died down, I might play in a dance band or even an orchestra. I began to learn how to read drum music. I quickly learned, though, that playing by feel and gut was a much better way to learn than reading sheet music.

My life changed in a big way in the 1970s. A job ad for a drummer for the band Genesis caught my attention. I had played in a few other bands before, so I chose to get in touch with them. As the saying goes, the rest is history. In the beginning of my time with the group, we made five records with some hit songs. It was an amazing experience that I will always remember.

Collins, who was also the band’s founder and lead singer, stepped up to become the group’s main singer when the founder quit. He said that he was uncomfortable at first in his new role, but that he took it because the band was having trouble finding a new lead singer.

Collins had a busy life because he was in the band Genesis and also had a great solo career. With hits like “In the Air Tonight,” “You Can’t Hurry Love,” and “I Don’t Care Anymore,” he quickly rose to the top of the music business.

Collins thought about his decision to leave Genesis and go solo after 25 years and said, “I felt it was time to shift gears in my musical journey.”

Right now, I’m going to work on jazz projects, movie music, and, of course, my solo career. I hope everything goes well for the Genesis team. We are still good friends.

Then, in 2017, I chose to get back together with the group. The pandemic meant that we had to delay “The Last Domino,” a world tour that we had planned to start last year.

Also, Collins did an interview on BBC Breakfast that made people worry about his health at a time when everyone was looking forward to the band’s comeback show. Collins and the other members of his band say that Nicholas Collins will play the drums while Collins works on singing.

Although Nic is a great drummer, he can sometimes make sounds that sound like early Phil Collins. Tony Banks, who is also in Genesis, said, “That was always really exciting for Mike and me.”

We can play songs we haven’t played in a long time now that Phil hits the drums.

When asked why he wasn’t learning to play the drums, the artist said, “I’d love to, but you see, I can barely hold a drumstick with this hand.” So, there are some physical obstacles to get past.


He said, “I have some physical problems that make it hard for me to share the stage with my son, which is very disappointing.” The show is making him think about whether he wants to keep going.

He said that because of our age, we’re all in the same boat. He also said, “I think it’s probably time to slow down a bit.” “I’m not entirely sure if I want to continue touring,” the narrator thought.

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